It All Began In 1928...

The Great Depression was about to begin when our founder walked away from a stable job as an engineer with an Akron rubber company. He began traveling throughout northeastern Ohio as a sales agent for machinery manufacturers, selling power transmission and process equipment to industrial firms. Those first years were a challenge, but with perseverance and a pledge to provide quality products and dependable service, Bruce W. Rogers thrived, and the B.W. Rogers Company was born.

Eighty years and three generations have passed. And while less than 1% of American companies from his generation are still operating, B.W. Rogers continues to proudly carry the family name and is recognized as a premier supplier of fluid connectors, motion control and process equipment.

Bruce would be pleased to know that all the shoe leather lost during those depression years was worth it, and I hope he'd be proud that while the world of industry has evolved, his company's vision of quality and dependability hasn't wavered.

Rick Rogers