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Galil MotorSizer

Galil's MotorSizer is a free, web-based tool for easy sizing of your motion system. This easy-to-use tool lets you specify your load and motion requirements for various mechanical systems. MotorSizer performs a thorough analysis to select motors and amplifiers (or enter your own) that can drive your load to the motion requirements. Galil's MotorSizer tool analyzes both stepper and servo motor systems. MotorSizer is password protected (registration is required) and automatically saves your data for future reference.

Parker Design and Selection Software

What is inPHorm?
Product Selection Made Easy
inPHorm (pronounced as "inform") is product selection that helps you to choose the correct Parker part for your application. The Systematic Design process, included in every inPHorm package, navigates through the selection of a product, prompting you for the description of your application. inPHorm performs complex calculations and searches tables to help find the correct part for your application.

inPHorm is for Everyone
For the user who is unfamiliar with Parker's product line, the easy to use selection process walks you through the steps needed to choose the correct product for your needs. For the experienced designer, inPHorm provides the details and the technical data that is demanded.

Parker Electromechanical Automation (Motion and Control Systems) Sizing and selection software

All of the necessary programs to make your job of specifying the correct motion control components easy! Whether your task is sizing rotary and linear motors, or choosing compatible amplifiers, or ensuring compatibility with your motor and cable sets, Help is Here!

Parker Value Calculator

Do you know the real costs of DIY motion?

Deciding on positioning systems just got easier!
Check out our new Total Value Calculator, which provides real total investment to engineers who would like to see how the cost of building their own solution compares with the cost of a competitive solution.